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  • Eyeworks 7 Preview Trailer is now up!

    Eyeworks Festival 7

    Nov. 11 & 12, Block Cinema, Northwestern University, Chicago
    Nov. 19 & 20, REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles
    Nov. 26, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn

    Trailer credits:
    Eri Kawaguchi, Wild Wild Ham; Anibal Bley, Siniestro del Jefe; Jim Trainor, The Moschops; Jaques Verbeek & Karin Wiertz, The Case of the Spiral Staircase; Martin Sulzer, King James Version Genesis Chapter Nineteen; Ryo Orikasa, Datum Point; Peter Burr, The Mess; György Kovásznai, Habfürdő; Ryoya Usuha, Open a Manhole Cover While Walking; Karl Sims, Evolved Virtual Creatures; Hoji Tsuchiya, Visit from Hotoke at the Cape; Sabrina Ratté, Portals; Barry Doupé, A Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose; Brian Smee, Lazy Daze.

    Eyeworks 2016 illustration by Alexis Beauclair