News & Upcoming Events

  • Dec. 2014: Funky Figures program screening in Poznan Poland and Zagreb Croatia

    Our Funky Figures program will screen Dec. 11, 2014, as part of the Animuza series, hosted by Festival Animator, at Kino Muza, in Poznan, Poland. It will also screen Dec. 17, 2014, through Kino Club Zagreb at Cinema Tuškanac in Zagreb, Croatia.

    The lineup features selections from the past three years of the Eyeworks Festival, and focuses on the graphic potential of human and geometric figures.

    Mystery Music, Nicolas Mahler. 5:30, Austria, 2009.
    Dumb Day, Kevin Eskew, 10:00, USA, 2012
    Worm, Caleb Wood. 3:25, USA, 2013.
    Walk For Walk, Amy Lockhart, 10:00, Canada, 2005
    Someone Behind the Door is Knocking, James Lowne. 5:00, UK, 2010.
    Flower and Steam, Eri Kawaguchi, 4:05, Japan, 2012
    Immanuel Wagner, 7:30, Switzerland, 2010
    BBRRAATTSS, Ian Cheng. 3:00, USA, 2013.
    aaa[A]aaa, Brandon Blommaert, 2:30, Canada, 2012
    Lightweight, K. Glick, L. Allen, & S. Gruber, 2:00, USA, 1999.
    Improvisation No. 1 Cumulative Loops, Luigi Allemano. 3:20, Canada, 2013.
    1984: Music for Modern Americans, Eduardo Paolozzi with Emma Calder, Susan Young and Isabelle Perrichon. 11:50, UK, 1984.
    Velocity, Karolina Glusiec. 6:00, UK, 2012.