News & Upcoming Events

  • Eyeworks at the Helsinki Comics Festival

    Eyeworks will be presenting a program of short animations as part of the Helsinki Comics Festival. The program will screen at 1pm and 5pm on Saturday September 7 and Sunday September 8, in the "Black Box" theater just outside of the main festival tent. Here's the lineup:

    Nicolas Mahler - Mystery Music
    Peter Millard - Boogodobiegodongo
    Steven Subotnick - Hairyman
    Kathy Rose - The Doodlers
    Edwin Rostron - Visions of the Invertebrate
    Jake Fried - Waiting Room
    Kevin Eskew - Dumb Day
    Amy Lockhart - Walk for Walk
    Winsor McCay - The Pet
    Paul Rayment - Piano
    Stefan Gruber - Edible Rocks
    Peter Larsson - The People and the Whale
    Immanuel Wagner - Baka!!