News & Upcoming Events

  • 2017 Eyeworks Festival

    The 2017 Eyeworks Festival is planned for October 21 at the REDCAT theater in Los Angeles. Our screening dates for events at the Block Cinema in Chicago and Pioneer Works in Brooklyn will be announced soon.

  • Eyeworks 7 Preview Trailer is now up!

    Eyeworks Festival 7

    Nov. 11 & 12, Block Cinema, Northwestern University, Chicago
    Nov. 19 & 20, REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles
    Nov. 26, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn

    Trailer credits:
    Eri Kawaguchi, Wild Wild Ham; Anibal Bley, Siniestro del Jefe; Jim Trainor, The Moschops; Jaques Verbeek & Karin Wiertz, The Case of the Spiral Staircase; Martin Sulzer, King James Version Genesis Chapter Nineteen; Ryo Orikasa, Datum Point; Peter Burr, The Mess; György Kovásznai, Habfürdő; Ryoya Usuha, Open a Manhole Cover While Walking; Karl Sims, Evolved Virtual Creatures; Hoji Tsuchiya, Visit from Hotoke at the Cape; Sabrina Ratté, Portals; Barry Doupé, A Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose; Brian Smee, Lazy Daze.

    Eyeworks 2016 illustration by Alexis Beauclair

  • 2016 Eyeworks Festival

    The 2016 Eyeworks Festival is being planned for Nov. 19 & 20 at the REDCAT theater in Los Angeles. Screenings will also take place in Chicago and New York. Details to follow!

  • Eyeworks at Animation Block Party, July 31 2015

    Image from Tanka, David Lebrun, 1976

    Eyeworks will present a program representing five years of the festival at the 2015 Animation Block Party at BAMcinematek in Brooklyn on July 31. The program features classic and contemporary works, including a brand-new digital restoration of David Lebrun's 1976 film Tanka. The Eyeworks program runs at 7PM at the BAM Rose Cinemas, with other Animation Block Party screenings taking place throughout the weekend.

    Lillian Schwartz, Pixilliation, 1970, USA, 4:00

    Ian Cheng, bbrraattss, 2013, USA, 3:15
Stefan Gruber, Kevin Glick, & Lienors Allen, Light Weight, 1999, USA 3:00
Larry Cuba, Two Space, 1979, USA 8:00
Florence Miailhe, Hammam, 1992, France 9:00

    Yoriko Mizushiri, Futon, 2012, Japan 6:00
Sally Cruikshank, Make Me Psychic, 1978, USA, 8:00
Jim Trainor, The Presentation Theme, 2008, USA 14:00
Brandon Blommaert, aaa[A]aaa, 2012, Canada, 2:30

    David Lebrun, Tanka, 1976, USA 10:00

  • Eyeworks at Live To Tape Artist Television Festival, May 23, 2015

    An Eyeworks-curated program will be featured in the Live To Tape festival at Links Hall in Chicago on May 23. The program is titled "Make Me Psychic," after the Sally Cruikshank film of the same name, and includes classic work from some of our favorite psychedelic cartoon-makers: Sally Cruikshank, Kathy Rose, Trixy Sweetvittles, and Amy Lockhart. A performance by Julie Potraz and a cereal bar round out the psychedelic fun!

  • Eyeworks 2015 spring screenings

    We have a new program of shorts for two spring screenings. On May 16, this program will show in Rijeka, Croatia, at Arheološki Park, and on June 7, the same program will screen at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) at the Center on Halsted in Chicago. The Chicago screening will feature  filmmakers Jenna Caravello, Dash Shaw, Scott Roberts, and Lale Westvind in person, with a discussion following the screening.

    Screening lineup
    Dumb Run, Caleb Wood, 2014
    The Room With No Corners, Jenna Caravello, 2011
    The Classroom, Masha Krasanova-Shabaeva, 2012
    Wheel of Fortune, Dash Shaw, 2011
    My Favorite Character is a Wizard, Scott Roberts, 2002
    Purple Changes, Victor Kerlow, 2013
    Small People With Hats, Sarina Nihei, 2014
    One Sided Love, Jin A Yoon, 2011
    Upon The Rock, James Bascara, 2014
    Velocity, Karolina Gluseic, 2012
    Aye, Sijia Ke, 2014
    Hypnodeum, Lale Westvind, 2011
    Quilt, Amy Lockhart, 2013
    Maxwell’s Demon, James Deusing, 1990

  • Dec. 2014: Funky Figures program screening in Poznan Poland and Zagreb Croatia

    Our Funky Figures program will screen Dec. 11, 2014, as part of the Animuza series, hosted by Festival Animator, at Kino Muza, in Poznan, Poland. It will also screen Dec. 17, 2014, through Kino Club Zagreb at Cinema Tuškanac in Zagreb, Croatia.

    The lineup features selections from the past three years of the Eyeworks Festival, and focuses on the graphic potential of human and geometric figures.

    Mystery Music, Nicolas Mahler. 5:30, Austria, 2009.
    Dumb Day, Kevin Eskew, 10:00, USA, 2012
    Worm, Caleb Wood. 3:25, USA, 2013.
    Walk For Walk, Amy Lockhart, 10:00, Canada, 2005
    Someone Behind the Door is Knocking, James Lowne. 5:00, UK, 2010.
    Flower and Steam, Eri Kawaguchi, 4:05, Japan, 2012
    Immanuel Wagner, 7:30, Switzerland, 2010
    BBRRAATTSS, Ian Cheng. 3:00, USA, 2013.
    aaa[A]aaa, Brandon Blommaert, 2:30, Canada, 2012
    Lightweight, K. Glick, L. Allen, & S. Gruber, 2:00, USA, 1999.
    Improvisation No. 1 Cumulative Loops, Luigi Allemano. 3:20, Canada, 2013.
    1984: Music for Modern Americans, Eduardo Paolozzi with Emma Calder, Susan Young and Isabelle Perrichon. 11:50, UK, 1984.
    Velocity, Karolina Glusiec. 6:00, UK, 2012.