Live To Tape Artist Television Festival

Live to Tape: Artist Television Festival
Eyeworks Festival: Make Me Psychic
Saturday, May 23, 2015,
Constellation, Chicago

All films shown on 16mm unless otherwise noted.

Kathy Rose, Mirror People, 1974
Kathy Rose, The Doodlers, 1975
Kathy Rose, The Mysterians, 1974
Kathy Rose, Pencil Booklings, 1978
Sally Cruikshank, Fun on Mars, 1971
Sally Cruikshank, Chow Fun, 1972
Sally Cruikshank, Quasi at the Quackadero, 1975
Sally Cruikshank, Make Me Psychic, 1978
Sally Cruikshank, Quasi's Cabaret Trailer, 1980
Sally Cruikshank, Face Like a Frog, 1987
Trixy Sweetvittles, La Mujer Lagartija, 1994
Amy Lockhart, Walk for Walk, 2003
Amy Lockhart, Landscapes (video), 2013

Julie Potratz, Performance