2018 Festival

Eyeworks 2018

Nov. 3, REDCAT, Los Angeles
Nov. 10, Block Cinema, Chicago
Nov. 26, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn

Screening before all programs:
Sunny Liang, Infinite Water2015

Shorts Program 1
60 mins

Mary Beams, Paul Revere is Here, 1976
Mengxi Yang, Ai Can, 2018
Larry Cuba, Calculated Movements, 1985
Takeshi Murata, Donuts, 2018
Jon Rafman, Dream Journal #2 (excerpt), 2018
Cheng-Hsu Chung, Adorable, 2018
Lisze Bechtold, Moon Breath Beat, 1980
Dane Picard, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are George, 1992
Lucy Raven, The Deccan Trap, 2015
James J.A. Mercer, Landfill, 2014

Shorts Program 2
65 mins

Oliver Laric, Betweenness, 2018
Maureen Selwood, This is Just to Say: A Poem and a Reply1987
Theo Chin, Pinakothek, 2018
Barry Doupé, Bubble Boing, 2017
Faith Hubley, Tall Time Tales, 1992
Monique Renault, A La Votre, 1973
Naoyuki Tsuji, Fragments, 2016 (only screening in Chicago and New York)
Matthew Thurber, Ecto Petrol Patrol, 2018
Maria Lassnig, The Ballad of Maria Lassnig, 1992
Sebastian Buerkner, Tosse Not My Soule, 2015


2018 Festival Guest: Naoyuki Tsuji

Tsuji will present a program of his work at REDCAT Theater in LA on Nov. 3rd, 8:30pm.

Eyeworks is pleased to present the first comprehensive screening of Naoyuki Tsuji’s films in Los Angeles. The filmmkaer will be in attendance for a discussion and Q&A following the screening.

Working with a distinctive drawn-and-erase technique, Tsuji's dreamlike films are a moody blend of myth, fantasy, and horror. Evoking Deren, Kentridge, and Miyazaki, his work moves with a vaporous fluidity, depicting scenarios that are simultaneously mesmerizing and unsettling. A schoolboy inhales a drawing, and is transformed into a cloud that consumes his classmates. A woman in a car crash is awakened by licks from the moon. A mystical mirror reveals a sinister vision of anything it reflects. Tsuji's films are filled with transformations of bodies, dreamy violence, dark eroticism, and an elegant drifting logic all their own.

Naoyuki Tsuji (1972, Shizuoka Prefecture) graduated from Toyko Zokei University in 1995. His work has been presented at the Image Forum Festival, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Media City Film Festival, Images Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Ottowa International Animation Festival.

Screening program: 
A Feather Stare at the Dark, 2003 
Looking at a Cloud, 2005 
Children of Shadows, 2006 
The Place Where We Were, 2008 
Zephyr, 2009 
Fragments, 2016 
Mountain, 2017 
70 mins. total; all works shown on 16mm