2017 Festival

Eyeworks 2017

Oct. 21, REDCAT, Los Angeles
Nov. 11, Block Cinema, Chicago
Nov. 28-29, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn
Nov. 30, Grace Street Theater, Richmond

Screening before all programs:
Lauren Gregory, Tussle, 2016

Shorts Program 1

Sam Bell, Krell Experiment Recording 7, 2017
Robert Darroll, Feng Huang, 1988
Simon Gerbaud, saVer, 2014
Annapurna Kumar, Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic, 2017
Shelley Lake, Polly Gone, 1988
Ruth Lingford, What She Wants, 1994
Jaakko Pallasvuo, Soft Body Goal, 2017
Sabrina Ratté, Créteil, 2017
Steve Reinke & Jessie Mott, Eat Your Secrets, 2017
Hans Richter, Filmstudie, 1926
Johan Rijpma, Extrapolate, 2017
Nora Rodriguez, Animation That Makes A Sculpture, 2016
Jan Svankmajer, A Game With Stones, 1965  

Shorts Program 2

Wojciech BÄ…kowski, Dry Standpipe, 2013
Elisabeth Belliveau, Troisième, 2017
Chris Bishop, No Stories Now, 2017
Jon Gillie, Austerity Cycle, 2016
Barbara Hammer, No No Nooky T.V., 1987
Lilian Hardouineau, Invocation, 2017
Sarina Nihei, Rabbits Blood, 2017
Pat O’Neill, Easyout, 1972
Ben Russell, Black & White Trypps #1, 2005
Ted Wiggin, Lo, 2017
Run Wrake, Jukebox, 1994  

Festival guest: Jacolby Satterwhite

In person for Los Angeles and Brooklyn screenings. New and recent works will be screened, followed by a discussion with the filmmaker.