2015 Chicago Alterative Comics Expo (CAKE)

Filmmakers Dash Shaw, Lale Westvind, Scott Roberts, and Jenna Caravello in person.

Dumb Run, Caleb Wood, 2014
The Room With No Corners, Jenna Caravello, 2011
The Classroom, Masha Krasanova-Shabaeva, 2012
Wheel of Fortune, Dash Shaw, 2011
My Favorite Character is a Wizard, Scott Roberts, 2002
Purple Changes, Victor Kerlow, 2013
Small People With Hats, Sarina Nihei, 2014
One Sided Love, Jin A Yoon, 2011
Upon The Rock, James Bascara, 2014
Velocity, Karolina Gluseic, 2012
Aye, Sijia Ke, 2014
Hypnodeum, Lale Westvind, 2011
Quilt, Amy Lockhart, 2013
Maxwell’s Demon, James Deusing, 1990